Reserve with Google (RwG)

Stand out for success and boost your visibility to potential clients by enabling Reserve with Google (RwG). About 80% of new clients use Google for such searches, and worldwide, there are over 600 million monthly Google searches for hair and beauty salons

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Getting started 

First, you’ll need to register your business with Google, ensuring that the Business name and location address listed on your Google business profile are an exact match of the details you’ve entered on Fresha. Publish your Marketplace profile to enable Reserve with Google through Fresha.

Reserve with Google explained

Reserve with Google enables your business to appear in Google search and Maps with direct booking buttons. It seamlessly integrates with Fresha, and bookings made via Google will automatically sync with your calendar as we are an official scheduling provider.

After your business is listed, when potential clients search for services in your area, the results will show a booking button with your business details, directions, and ratings.

Booking using Reserve with Google

  1. Using Google, the client will search your venue name or for places in their area that provide your services. 
  2. Your venue will appear in the Google search results with a Book button.
  3. Once the client clicks Book, they’ll be directed to your Fresha's services menu and book their services as usual.

For the Book button to appear on your Google business profile, your Google profile, and your Fresha business profile must meet all the following criteria: 

  • Set up bookings through Fresha using these steps.
  • Your Google business profile must comply with Google's guidelines.
  • Your business name and location address on Fresha must be an exact match of your business name and location address listed on your Google Business profile.
  • Your Fresha profile must be listed on Fresha's Marketplace. Unlisted profiles will not have a Book button.
  • Ensure your team members have scheduled shifts within the next 30 days.
  • The services menu must display the actual price of the services (services should not be set as free or have the value 0).
  • Do not include emojis, price, or duration within the service names or descriptions.
  • Your business must be within the beauty and wellness industry. If your business is outside of this (e.g. dog groomers) it will not be listed on the Fresha Marketplace and a no Book button will appear on your Google business profile.


  • Changes to your service prices on Fresha may take up to 24 hours to update on Google.
  • If users click on the Book online button in Google maps from outside the USA, they will still go through the previous Google booking flow.

Enable Reserve with Google

To enable Reserve with Google: 

  1. Head to Reserve with Google under Online profile.
  2. Click Enable to activate Reserve with Google. 
  3. Select Yes, enable to confirm. 
  4. Once activated, your business will show up in Google search and Google Maps results, and clients can book directly through a provided booking link.

Disable Reserve with Google

To disable Reserve with Google: 

  1. Head to Reserve with Google under Online profile.
  2. Click Disable to deactivate Reserve with Google. 
  3. Select Yes, disable to confirm.
  4. Once deactivated, your business will be removed from Google search and Google Maps results, and the direct booking link will be taken down.

NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours for your business to be added/removed as a search result on Google.


Q. How can I see which appointments have been booked through Google? 

Any appointments booked through Google will display as Booked on Google on the View Appointment screen under Appointment History. You can also see which appointments have been booked through Google in the Sales summary report.

Q. Will the Marketplace New Client Fee be charged if the client books through Google?

Fresha’s New Client Fee applies to all new customers who discover your business through the Fresha Marketplace. This includes those who book directly through your Fresha Marketplace profile, as well as those who view your Fresha Marketplace profile first and then choose to book using your Google. If the client books more than 7 days after visiting the Fresha Marketplace then they're no longer considered as a Marketplace client and the fee will not be applied.

Q. How long does it take for the book button to appear on my Google business profile? 

Once activated, the book button should appear within 24 hours as long as your Google profile and your Fresha profile meet the full criteria.

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