What is Reserve with Google?

Each month, there are over 600 million online searches for hair and beauty salons worldwide on Google - at Fresha we want to help you turn these searches into appointments

Reserve with Google is a feature that allows your business to appear as a result on Google Search and Google Maps, with a booking button for clients to reserve appointments with you directly. 

Appearing on Google search results means your business is more likely to get discovered by clients looking to book appointments. Around 80% of all new clients search Google for a business or service - for example, ‘Hair salon near me’ is one of the most popular searches new clients make when looking for a haircut. 

When your business is listed with Google My Business, and clients search for services in your area, the search results will display a booking button alongside your business details, ratings and map directions.


How do I get my business listed on Google with a booking button?

  1. Make sure you have enabled online booking with Fresha Plus
  2. Set up a Google My Business account by clicking here.
  3. Follow the steps on Google to publish your listing. Google has created an easy step-by-step guide for you to follow.
  4. Ensure your location address on Fresha matches with your Google My Business account.
  5. You’re all done! Your booking button will be automatically linked to your Google My Business profile. Clients can begin booking appointments with you through Google Search results and Google Maps.

Will I be charged for using Reserve with Google?

If a client books online with you through Reserve with Google, you’ll only ever be charged the usual low Fresha Plus fees with no hidden extras - just the same as if a client came directly to Fresha from your website or social media pages.

Did you know that other booking platforms charge up to 35% commission (without you even knowing!) for clients who booked via Reserve with Google? Fresha does not charge you any additional new client fees for Reserve With Google appointments.

Can I see which appointments are booked through Reserve with Google?

Yes - any appointments booked through Google will display as ‘Booked on Google’ on the View Appointment screen, under the ‘Appointment History’ section. You can also see which appointments have been booked through Google in the ‘Sales by channel’ report in Analytics.

Note: Any changes made to your service prices on your Fresha account may take up to 24 hours to reflect on Google.

Will my no-show and cancellation policies apply to appointments booked via Reserve with Google?

Clients are not required to accept your no-show policy at the time of booking through Reserve with Google, however your clients do receive a ‘Confirm With Card’ email automatically to protect against no-shows or late cancellations from Google clients. This feature automatically contacts clients who booked through Reserve with Google, ahead of their appointment, asking them to confirm with a card and accept your no-show policy.  

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