How can clients add a tip on Fresha?

Once Fresha Plus has been enabled and your billing and card details have been added to your account, your clients can add a tip in different ways: 

  • When adding card details whilst booking an appointment 
  • During check out when paying by app or through Fresha card terminals
  • After check out when clicking on Add a tip button on thank-you messages, when leaving a review or when clicking on an appointment under Past appointments

Tip amounts

Clients can tip any amount starting from 5% of the sale value. Tips cannot be higher than the sale value itself. Five suggested tip values will be shown to clients as a default - you can amend these tip values by clicking here

If clients would like to add a custom amount, they can do so by clicking on ‘Enter a custom amount’. Remember, the client can tip only once. 

Tip charges

We take the standard Fresha Plus fee off of the tip amount (1.29% + 20p), with no hidden extras. This amount is deducted from the total tip amount before the tip is given to the staff member. 

Receiving the tip

The tip will be given to the staff member who completed the service or the staff member who made the sale. If there's more than one service and staff member on the sale, Fresha will split the tip between the staff members. For example, if two services took place, one was £100 and the second was £200, the first staff member will receive a third of the tip and the other will receive the remaining two thirds. 

It’s your choice if the staff member gets notified when they’ve been tipped, you can manage these settings here

Managing tip settings

You can manage your tips settings by going to Setup settings.png and clicking on Tip Settings - this includes choosing when clients are asked to tip and your suggested tip values.

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