How do I set up Facebook Pixels?

Tracking the success of your marketing activities is invaluable, particularly online. For this reason, we've built the features necessary to track events and create audiences based on their activities using Facebook Pixels.

Before you can begin ad campaigns with Facebook Pixels, you will need to make sure you have a business account registered with Facebook. If you don't have one yet, set it up here.

If you don't see a 15 digit number in the top left corner showing Pixel ID: With 15 Digits after, then you will need to create one.

Now create a Facebook pixel

    1. Go to your Pixels tab in Events Manager.
    2. Click Get Started
    3. Click Create in the box that appears to finish creating your pixel.
    4. Click on email instructions to developer.
    5. Copy the Pixel ID.
    6. Add the Facebook pixel to your Fresha Profile by heading to Online Bookings > Analytics > Setup Now
Ensure the "Enable Tracking" box is ticked and click save. You do not need to send us instructions, as we have already developed the tool to automatically add the pixel to your profile.
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