How do I create a voucher type?

Vouchers can be found in your Catalogue.

To create a new voucher type: 

  1. Go to Vouchers and select Add voucher type.
  2. Add your voucher info - the Voucher name (only visible to you), Value, Retail price, how long your voucher is Valid for, and choose if you’d like to Limit the amount of sales. If you select All services, the voucher can be redeemed against all items: services, products or to buy a new voucher. If you'd like the voucher to only be redeemed on certain services, add the services included and whether you'd like to enable online sales.
  3. Customise your voucher by adding a Voucher title, Voucher description, and Voucher colour. The voucher title and description will be visible to your clients if you have online sales enabled. You can also choose to add an online booking link and Notes for the client, which will always be visible to your clients, where you could add your voucher policy details.

NOTE: Vouchers are by default purchasable offline only. If you have Fresha payments enabled, you can choose to sell vouchers online or restrict voucher sales to offline only. 

PRO TIP: Make the retail price lower than the value of the voucher to encourage more sales.

NOTE: If you create a voucher for a specific service, it can only be redeemed at locations this service can be performed. Click here to find out how to allocate your services to different locations.

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