How do clients purchase a voucher online on Fresha?

In order to sell vouchers online, you must have online sales enabled and have Fresha Pay setup. Vouchers will appear on your location page on Fresha for clients to purchase.

To purchase the voucher, your client will need to: 

  1. Choose the voucher they’d like to purchase. 
  2. Add the quantity and click Continue.
  3. Choose a recipient - whether it’s a treat for them or whether they’d like to print or email as a gift to someone else. This will override the default voucher title and description.
  4. Select the payment method. There are options to add a card or use an existing card. They’ll be asked to create a Fresha account if they haven’t already done so

Note: If you’ve limited the number of voucher sales on a voucher and they’ve sold out, they will not be displayed on your Fresha page. 


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