How do I sell a voucher manually?

You can easily sell a voucher that has already been created or a one-off voucher. 

To sell or create a one-off voucher:

  1. Go to Sales and select New sale.
  2. Click Voucher and select the voucher you'd like to sell. You also have the option to Create a one-off voucher. If creating a one-off voucher, add the services, value, retail price, how long it's valid for, and the voucher name
  3. Click on each voucher in the cart to edit it, remove it, assign it to a team member, and apply a discount. You can manually apply a discount by adjusting the price of the item.
  4. Once you’ve filled your cart and assigned it to a client, click Continue and Add a tip amount if the client would like to add one.
  5. Click continue to collect payment. You can accept a range of payment methods, including Send Link, Card terminal, Cash, Voucher, or Split Payment. If you select Split payment, you will need to choose which payment methods the client would like to use



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