How do I create a COVID-19 consultation form?

As businesses are reopening following government guidelines, we’ve created a simple COVID-19 consultation form template. To download, click on your relevant country link below: 

Note: Our team is currently hard at work building an all new consultation forms feature within Fresha. You’ll be able to create, customise and automatically send consultation forms to your clients. For a sneak-peak, take a look at our Consultation forms page to see what’s coming.

If you’d like to create a COVID-19 consultation form online in the meantime, one of the easiest tools you can do this on is Google Forms. All you need to do is create a gmail account if you don’t already have one. 

Tip: Once you’ve created your consultation form, you can add a link in the Important info section on your appointment confirmation and appointment reminder emails. Click here to find out how.

Creating a form online

  1. Go to Google Forms.                                                                                                            NGF_Icon.png
  2. Start a new form by clicking on the Blank option. 
  3. Add a Form title and Form description at the top. 

Our COVID-19 consultation form template is divided into 4 sections: Personal information, Questions, Agreements, and Date.

Personal information 

  1. Click the PI_Icon.pngicon and add Personal information as your section title. 
  2. Type First name, Last name, Phone number, and Address as different questions by clicking on the FNLMPNAD_Icon.png  icon.
  3. Make sure that the answer type drop-down is a Short answerSA_Icon.png


  1. Add a separate section by clicking on the Section_Icon.png  icon and title it Questions
  2. Add your questions by clicking on the FNLMPNAD_Icon.png  icon. COVID-19 related questions will have Yes or No answer types so ensure the answer type drop-down is Multiple choice.MC_Icon.png


  1. Add your final section by clicking on the Section_Icon.png  icon and title it Agreements
  2. Clients will need to confirm that they’ve read and understood the form and agree to the statements. Add each statement as a separate question and make sure that the answer type selected is CheckboxesCB_Icon.png


At the end of your form, it’s worth adding a date field so you can keep track of when the form was filled out by your client. To do this, click on the FNLMPNAD_Icon.png  icon and select Date

Note: Remember to make your answer types mandatory by enabling the Required toggle.RQ_Icon.png


Once your clients have filled in their Consultation form online, you can view their responses by clicking on the Responses tab. 


Tip: Click the Send button followed by the below icon on Google Forms to copy and add the link to your client notifications



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