How do I set up payment processing?

Once you've signed up for Fresha Plus, you can start processing payments with our powerful payment processing solution. To get started, go to Card processing, click on Start now, and follow the steps outlined below: 

Choose how to get paid

Select which type of bank account you’ll be using to receive funds from clients paying through Fresha:

  • Bank account under personal name - recommended for easy setup.
  • Bank account under company name - recommended for tax registered companies. You will need to supply copies of company registration documents.

NOTE: Sole trader with a business bank account? Click here to find out what information you'll need to submit when setting up payments.

Prepare information to submit

There are certain documents that are needed for us to be able to verify your account holder information and process your payments and payouts securely:

  • Bank account holder details and a copy of the account holder’s government-issued driver’s licence, ID card, or passport *.
  • Bank account details and a full-page copy of a recent bank statement showing the account number, account holder name, and bank logo.

*Documents required for account verification can vary depending on the country.

Fill in your account holder information

Enter the information and supporting documents to securely verify the identity of your account holder.

  • Tax registered company - Business information, company representative details, and company rep ID.
  • Individual, sole trader, or partnership - Personal account holder information and a valid form of identification.

PRO TIP: If you’re setting up payment for a tax-registered company, make sure your business details exactly match your official company registration.

See our ID guidelines below:


Click here if you're having trouble uploading your ID. 

Fill out your bank account information

Enter your bank account number to receive funds from clients paying through Fresha and upload a copy of your bank statement, clearly showing the account number, account holder name, and bank logo.

PRO TIP: The details in the bank statement must match the bank account holder information you supplied earlier.

See our bank statement guidelines below:


Set up no-show protection

In order to set a no-show policy, you must ask your clients to enter their card details when booking online. You can do this by enabling the toggle enable.png next to Require cards for online booking.

You can choose what kind of no-show policy you’d like to set for your clients, these range from 0% to a strict 100% no-show charge.


Once completed, click Continue to submit your information. It can take up to 2 working days for your account information to be verified. 

As soon as your documents have been submitted, you can start processing payments right away. 


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