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Take charge of your cash flow and choose how often you get paid out. We’ll walk you through how our flexible payout options work. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Getting started 

You’ll need to set up payment processing before you can collect payments from clients and schedule payouts to your bank account. Check whether payment processing is available in your country

How do payouts work?

Fresha will automatically make scheduled payouts from your business wallet to the allocated bank account (minus any Fresha fees). You can choose when you’d like to be paid out by setting up a payout schedule.

There are 4 payout schedule options to choose from: 

  • Daily - This is the default payout setting where any funds collected before midnight are sent to your bank account by the next business day if your daily balance is above 50. If the daily balance is below 50, you'll receive your payment in full the next Monday or the next business day. 
  • Weekly - This will allow funds to accumulate between Monday and Sunday. The total available balance will be sent to your bank account the next Monday or the next business day.  
  • Monthly - This will allow funds to accumulate during the calendar month. The total available balance will be sent to your bank account on the first business day of the next month.
  • Never - This will collect funds in your business wallet. You have the option to manually send money to your team members and locations at any time.

Setup your payout schedule 

Follow these steps to set up your payout schedule:

  1. Click on the Wallet icon to open your Business wallet
  2. For multiple business locations, use the drop-down menu next to the balance to select the relevant one.
  3. Click Manage under Payout schedule
  4. Select how frequently you want funds to be transferred from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never.
  5. Click Save.

NOTE: As banks do not process payments on weekends and bank holidays, all funds collected on these days will be released the next business day. 

TOP TIP: You can send money from your wallet to your bank account anytime outside of your automatic payout schedule, as long as the funds are settled (around 24 hours after the payment is processed).

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