I don’t have a TAX number or business bank account, can I still use payment processing?

Yes! We accept sole traders and companies alike - just make sure you let us know whether you’re an individual sole trader or a business when setting up your payments. If you’re: 

  • a sole trader with a bank account in your name (e.g. John Smith with a bank account in John Smith’s name), set up your account as a sole trader, and provide a bank statement in your name.
  • a sole trader with a business bank account (e.g. John Smith trading as John’s Salon and the business bank account is in the name of John’s Salon), make sure your bank statement shows your personal name. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to ask your bank to provide you with a letter showing a clear connection between you and the business bank account.
  • a TAX-registered legal entity, such as a company, trust, or corporation (for example, SALON LTD with CRN 0123456), you’ll need to provide bank statements in the company name.

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