How do I set staff working hours and availability?

Allocating staff working hours and scheduling their availability means you can stay on top of your calendar, and your clients know when they can book your services.

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff Working Hours.
  2. If you have multiple locations, make sure you’re setting the staff working hours for the right location.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to filter your calendar by staff members.
  4. Choose which week you’re looking to view and edit.
  5. Click on the relevant date and enter your staff member’s working hours.
  6. Add another shift if you’d like to build in regular lunch breaks. You can learn more about using blocked time by clicking here.
  7. Set to Don't Repeat or to Repeat Weekly.
  8. Save changes. 

If you have multiple locations, check out how to allocate staff members to locations.

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