How do I create categories and order my services?

Creating categories for the services you provide makes it quick and easy for your clients to browse for services and choose which one is right for them.

  1. Go to Services, click Add new (or three_dots.png when using the app), and select New Category.
  2. Give your category a name e.g. Hair services, nails, or eyebrows.
  3. Choose a colour for your category so you can see what type of appointment has been scheduled when. Check your Calendar Settings to set how colours are displayed on your calendar.
  4. Give your category a description. This will help clients understand what types of services they’ll be able to find under each category.

Once confirmed, click Save and start adding services to your new category.

PRO TIP: You can change the order of your categories and featured services by clicking the three_dots.png in the top-right corner, selecting Manage service order, and using drag and drop to choose how your services will be presented to your clients. We recommend putting your most popular services first!

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