How much do paid features cost?

Fresha is the world’s only subscription-free platform in beauty and wellness. Most of our features are completely free to use, but there are a few we do charge a small fee for, exclusive of tax. All of our paid features are entirely optional and you can choose to opt out at any time. 

There are four types of fees that you'll be charged for:

  • New client fees - applies only to the first appointment of new clients we bring to you via the Fresha marketplace website and apps. Fees never apply to returning clients, or any appointments made via your own website or social media pages.
  • Payment processing fees - competitive processing fee per transaction across all card payment methods, online and in-store. One fee per transaction which includes an in-built client card capture service. Click here for more info on fees in your region.
  • Blast messaging fees - these are calculated based on the amount of text messages or emails you choose to send via Fresha’s built-in marketing tools.
  • Automated messages - applies only if you use up your free monthly text balance for client texts and you choose to top up your balance in order to send out more texts. Find out more here.

All other features on Fresha are completely free-to-use, for everyone - with no monthly subscription!

NOTE: Online booking fees apply to all online bookings made via the Fresha marketplace website and apps in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Click here to find out more.

PRO TIP: We recommend adding your existing client list into Fresha before setting up online bookings to avoid paying new client fees for clients who have already booked with you.

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