How much does Fresha Plus cost?

There are no monthly charges or subscriptions for using Fresha Plus - you’ll only pay for what you use! 

There’s a small, flat-rate fee for bookings made online and any manual appointments where your client confirms the booking using their card. The booking fee will still apply to appointments checked out using an alternative payment provider or cash.

Our low-rate fee gives you access to a bundle of powerful features at no additional cost, including our complete payment processing solution.

When set up in the right way, the features included with Fresha Plus can instantly increase your sales and the savings you'll make on costs will dramatically outweigh any investment you make!

Fresha Plus fees

NOTE: A one-off fee will be added when a brand new client books your services via the Fresha marketplace. This fee never applies to your existing clients or any client booking via your website or social pages.

You won’t be charged any fees for manual bookings (walk-in/in-person/over the phone booking) made by you and the client does not confirm or pay with Fresha’s payment features.

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