How do I send appointment reminders to my clients?

You can send up to two reminder notifications for a single appointment via email and text message. 

    1. Go to Upcoming appointment reminder in your Client messages and set the send time for each reminder. 
    2. Switch on Enable reminder messages.
    3. Choose how far in advance you’d like the first reminder to be sent - 1 (online bookings only), 2, 3, 24, 48, or 72 hours before the appointment is due to take place.                  
    4. The Additional reminder is optional. If you don’t want to send a second reminder, select None from the dropdown. 
    5. Click Save.

Once confirmed, all future appointment reminders will be sent automatically according to your current settings and the client’s notification preferences (as defined in their Fresha account settings or Client Profile).

Click here to find out whether text message notifications are supported in your country.

NOTE: Additional reminder notifications are sent via email only. Clients will only receive a text message (where available) for their first reminder notification.  

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