How do I manage client notifications?

Our fully automated client notifications help save you time when contacting your clients about their appointments. If a client has booked an appointment using a Fresha account, they can choose whether to receive text message notifications about their appointments. You won't be able to amend this for the client but they will still receive email notifications as per our booking terms and conditions.

To review and personalise your client messaging, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Client notifications and select Settings.
  2. Choose which notification type you want to make changes to.
  3. Review and update the settings for the notification and Save your changes.

PRO TIP: Use the Important info box for any additional information you think the client might need, for example, a link to a questionnaire new clients need to complete before arriving at their appointment. This field is limited to 500 characters.

NOTE: You can preview and test your client notification by clicking the … icon and entering a mobile number or address.

Enable or disable client notifications for all manual bookings

Client notifications for manual bookings are enabled by default. To disable these: 

  1. Go to Client notifications and select Settings.    
  2. Click on the three_dots.png next to Notification messages to Enable or Disable notifications.

PRO TIP: Under the heading Notification messages, you’ll see a list of notification types, each accompanied by a status button. The status label tells you whether the notification type is enabled or disabled for manual bookings. 

Enable or disable specific client notifications for manual bookings

  1. Go to Client notifications and select Settings.  
  2. Under Notification messages, click the notification type you want to configure.
  3. Use the Enable for manually booked appointments radio button to enable or disable the notification.
  4. Click Save.

Adjust client notification preferences for individual clients

You can choose which message types – email, text message, neither or both (where available) – individual clients receive via the Edit Client page: 

  1. Go to Clients and select or search for a client to view their profile. 
  2. Click the three dots next to Client profile and select Edit to make changes to their profile.
  3. Adjust their client notification preferences under the Send notifications by dropdown and click Save.

PRO TIP: You can also set a new client’s notification preferences on the Edit Client page when creating their profile for the first time.

NOTE: Push notification settings are controlled by each client in their Settings on their Fresha account. 

Review your sent client notifications

To review your sent client notifications: 

  1. Go to Client notifications and click on Messages log.
  2. Browse the table to find the notification you want to review. Alternatively, enter a client name, email, or booking reference in the Search field and the table will automatically show matching results.
  3. In the Message column, click the subject line of the notification you want to review.

NOTE: Client notifications won't be sent if the client's email and/or mobile number is missing from their client profile or they haven't provided an email or mobile number when booking their appointment.

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