How do I sell vouchers on their own?

If you have a client who wants to purchase a voucher without receiving any services, you don't need to create an appointment on your calendar. Instead, you’ll just need to create a new sale.

To sell a voucher on its own:

  1. Go to Calendar calendar_2.png and click Add new add_new.png.
  2. Select New sale and go to Vouchers.
  3. To choose a voucher that’s already been created, click on Choose from vouchers and select the voucher type.
  4. To create a voucher that’s specific to that client, click on Create one-off voucher, and decide which services it can be applied to, the value, and the expiry date. Click Sell voucher to confirm.
  5. If you'd like to add more products, click on Add item to sale and choose another item.
  6. Under Payments you can add a tip by clicking Add tip
  7. Go to Edit invoice details to assign the payment to a staff member and leave any notes you’d like to add to the invoice.

Click Charge, select your payment method, and Complete sale to raise the invoice.

Click here for more information on how to raise an invoice.

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