How can I view completed consultation forms?

There are two ways you can view consultation forms that have been completed by your clients:

Client profile

  1. Go to Clients clients.png and use the search bar to select the client whose consultation form you’re looking to check.
  2. Click on their client profile and select Consultation forms.
  3. Click Screenshot_2020-10-27_at_13.32.42.pngnext to the completed form and select View client response to view the details your client has provided.


  1. Go to your Calendar calendar.png and click on the appointment you’d like to view.
  2. Under Consultation forms you’ll be able to see whether the form has been completed.
  3. Click on the consultation form to view the details your client has provided.

NOTE: To manage who can create, edit and activate your consultation forms and who has access to client responses, go to staff User permissions, update the permissions under Consultation forms and Save changes.

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