How do I promote vouchers through blast messages?

Blast messages help you to communicate and engage with clients new and old, and promoting vouchers through email and text message is our latest offering for Partners looking to increase their bookings and grow their sales.

To start promoting your vouchers through blast messages:

Pick your voucher

  1. Go to Marketing marketing.png and select Blast messages.
  2. Click on Promote voucher and choose what type of voucher offer you want to send to your clients.                                                       
  3. Pick a voucher style.
  4. Select which channel you’d like to promote your voucher through - email or SMS.
  5. If you’ve selected Single voucher, click Edit under Select Voucher and use the search bar to decide which voucher you’d like to promote.
  6. Under email settings, there are a number of edits you can make to help personalise your voucher promotion:
  • Blast message name - this isn’t visible to clients and will help you differentiate between different marketing campaigns.
  • Email subject - add a strong subject line that will attract your client’s attention and improve click-through rates.
  • Reply to email - the email address your client’s will reply to if they get in touch from the blast message.
  • Logo - this should be your company logo or a high-quality image that’s representative of your business. Use the toggle enable.png to enable. 
  • Photo - this should be a high-quality image that’s representative of your business. Use the toggle enable.png to enable. 
  • Title - Let your clients know what you're offering them.
  • Message - Tell your clients more about your business, the promotion, and the services it can be applied against.

Choose your audience

Once you've created you'll message, you'll need to decide who you're sending it to:

  1. Choose your audience - decide whether you’d like your message to be sent to all clients or a specific client group.
  2. Under Total Clients, you can view how many clients your message will be sent to and make changes to the list of clients by clicking Edit.
  3. Under Price, you can see how much the voucher promotion campaign will cost. Check you’re happy with the amount before you select Next step.
  4. Select your payment method and click Send.
  5. Your blast message will be sent to the client list you selected and you can track its success under Blast messages.

PRO TIP: You can also choose which voucher you'd like to promote by heading to Vouchers, selecting a voucher, and clicking Promote voucher.

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