How do I add products to sell?

Fresha allows you to add products to your inventory that your clients can purchase from you directly. Read here how to bulk upload multiple products in one go.

Or, to start adding products to your inventory one by one, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go to Products in your Catalogue.
  2. Click Add + to add a new product and fill in the information outlined below:
  • Add a product name and barcode.
  • Choose a Brand for your product or create a new one. 
  • Add a description to provide your clients with more information about the product.
  • Choose a category for your product or create a new one.
  • Click Screenshot_2021-04-30_at_16.24.41.png to add photos of your products. Drag and drop a photo to change the order they display in.
  • Click the toggle to enable Retail sales enable.png. Add a Retail price, Special price, and % Markup. Your Tax will be set to default but can be updated by clicking Edit.
  • Enable staff commission enable.png if you'd like it to apply whenever the product is sold.
  • Choose a supplier or create a new one.
  • Enable Track stock quantity enable.png to help keep track of your stock levels. Click Edit next to each location to add your Current stock quantity and reorder point. 

Once you're happy with the information you've included, click Save to add the product to your inventory. 

PRO TIP: Completing regular stock takes for the products you sell and use can help you keep track of your inventory and identify any discrepancies in your stock levels. Click here for more information.

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