What is Pay by text message?

With Pay by text message, clients can pay for products, services, and vouchers by clicking on a link sent via text message and entering their card details on the Fresha app. Once the payment is completed, the client’s card details are saved to their client profile meaning you can charge clients in just a few simple clicks for any future appointments.

As one of the many features included in Fresha Plus, there are no additional fees for using our payment processing features.

To pay by text message, clients can follow these simple steps:

  1. Once you get to the Payment page, select Pay By Text.
  2. Fill in the client details and click Send Now.
  3. A secure payment link will be sent by text message to the client's mobile number.
  4. The client will need to click on the payment link and fill out their payment details.
  5. Once completed, the payment will be processed and you can send an invoice to the client directly. 
  6. Their card details will be added to their client profile and can be used to checkout future bookings. 
  7.  Click here for more information on how to raise an invoice.

NOTE: Pay by text message is optional. It's your choice whether to make card capture Required or Optional for your clients. This can be managed by heading to Card Processing and selecting No-Show Protection.

To start processing payments securely at no extra fee, click here.

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