How do I create a paid plan?

Our paid plans feature allows you to bundle your services into a course that your clients can pay for in advance and redeem the services at a later date. By selling your services as a bundle at a fixed rate, you can grow your sales by encouraging clients to purchase your services in one go and pay for them upfront. Paid plans are available to all Fresha users and are a great way of turning one-time clients into regulars that keep coming back.

To create a paid plan:

  1. Go to Services Services.png and select Paid plans.
  2. Click on Create paid plan.
  3. Under Basic info add your Paid plan name and a short description about the services included. If you have any specific policies that apply to your paid plan, add them here.
  4. Under Services and sessions, you can choose which services are included in your paid plan. Click Edit and select the blue_tick.png next to All services or the ones you’d like to include.
  5. Choose how many sessions are included or use the toggle enable.png to enable unlimited sessions.
  6. Under Pricing and Payment, choose how you want to charge your clients by setting a price, choosing how long the plan is valid for from the drop-down, and selecting a tax rate. Click here to find out how to add taxes and apply them to your services.
  7. Customise your paid plan by selecting a colour that best matches your business or paid plan.
  8. Use the toggle enable.png to Enable online sales.
  9. Click on Create paid plan to confirm your details and push it live.

You can keep track of your sales by checking your transaction summary under Daily Summary and view any remaining sessions on the Client’s profile or at checkout.

NOTE: You can edit your paid plans at any time by heading to Services, clicking on Paid plans, and selecting the plan you’d like to edit. Don’t forget to Save any changes you make.

PRO TIP: To start selling your paid plans online, go to Paid plans, click on Sell paid plans online and copy and paste the link on to your website and social pages.

NOTE: Your no-show and late cancellation policy will still apply to your paid plans.

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