How do I create a service?

Once you’ve added your team members and send the invite to join your workapspace, you can start adding your services.

To add a new service simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Services in your Catalogue.
  2. Click Add New (or the Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png icon when using the mobile app).  
  3. Click New Service and select Single Service (unless you’re creating a package).
  4. Add the service name and select the treatment type from the drop-down.
  5. Choose a category for the service. Click here to find out how to create a new category.
  6. We recommend adding a short description of the service so your clients know exactly what they’re booking.
  7. Add an Aftercare description with additional instructions for clients once their treatment has been completed. Aftercare descriptions will be included in the thank you email that is sent to clients once their appointment has been checked out.
  8. Choose whether the service is open to everyone, only males, or only females.
  9. Use the toggle enable.png to enable online bookings.
  10. Click blue_tick.png next to the location(s) where you’d like the service to take place.
  11. Assign team members to the service and manage their commission. If a commission has been enabled, it will be calculated when the service is sold.
  12. Create a pricing option that includes the duration, price type, and price of the service. You can create different pricing options for your services, team members, and locations using our advanced pricing options. 
  13. Under Extra Time use the toggle enable.png to add processing time or blocked time to the service.
  14. Under the Notification settings, check the box to enable Reminder to rebook notifications and choose when you want the reminder to be sent by entering the value and selecting either Days or Weeks after as the timeframe. 
  15. Enable Resources (if any are required for the service), any additional settings like tax rate (automatically set to default), and voucher sales.   
  16. Under Service cost, enter the value of the cost associated with providing the service e.g. the cost of the nail polish used to perform a manicure. 
  17. If applicable, set the tax rate for your service price
  18. To avoid no-shows, use the toggle enable.png to enable deposits and add the value.
  19. Use the toggles enable.png to enable and configure whether you wish to upsell other services and memberships to online clients.
  20. Once everything has been confirmed, click Save and your new service will be available to book right away.

NOTE: Use our advanced pricing options to create variables of the same service with different add-ons using Add pricing options.

PRO TIP: Services are the first thing clients choose when booking an appointment online, so it’s important to make it easy for clients to find what they're looking for. You can rearrange your categories and featured services by clicking the three_dots.png in the top-right corner, selecting Manage service order, and dragging and dropping.

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