How do I add staff members?

Adding staff members allows you to assign services to the right employees.

How to add bookable staff members

To create an appointment, you’ll need to set up bookable staff members that can perform your services:

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff Members.
  2. Click the Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png icon to create a new staff member profile.

  3. In the details section, you’ll need to include the staff members full name and any other information you think might be useful. All fields are optional except for the first name.
  4. Set their user permission depending on what level of access you’d like the staff member to have. They’ll receive email instructions to set up their own login password once their profile has been added.
  5. Under locations, you can assign locations where this staff member can be booked.
  6. Go to services and choose which services this staff member is able to perform.
  7. You can also set commission rates for the services they provide and the products and vouchers they sell
  8. Once you’re happy with the information provided, click Save

PRO TIP: You only need to include their email address if you'd like them to receive Staff Notifications and/or have individual login access.

NOTE: You can add a new staff member using their first name only. To update their profile at a later date, go to Staff members and click on the name of the staff member you’re making changes to.

PRO TIP: To rearrange the order of your staff members as they appear on your calendar and online bookings, use the more.png next to a staff member's name to click and drag it to the desired position.


How to add non-service providers (admins and receptionists)

If your staff member is not a service provider, but an admin or a receptionist, you can remove them from being bookable on the calendar. 

When adding a non-service provider, simply follow the steps outlined above but make sure you disable the Enable Appointment Bookings toggle.

NOTE: Extra information can be added to your staff member details within the Staff Notes. This information is optional and for internal use only.

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