How do I create an appointment?

Once you’ve created your Fresha account and set your team working hours and availability, you can start adding appointments to your calendar.

There are two ways you can add an appointment to the calendar:

  1. By clicking on a free slot in your Calendar Screenshot_2020-10-07_at_16.26.03.png to open the New Appointment window.
  2. By going to your Calendar Screenshot_2020-10-07_at_16.26.03.png clicking on Add new Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png and selecting New appointment.

 Add a client to the appointment

You have the option to search for an existing client or to create a new one when adding a new appointment. If you don't add a client to an appointment, it will automatically be marked as a Walk-In.

To search for an existing client: 

  1. Create a new appointment and select Add client.
  2. Start typing a first name, last name, or mobile number into the search bar.
  3. Select the client you’d like to add to the appointment.

If you want to add a new client:

  1. Create a new appointment and select Add client.
  2. Click on the Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png underneath the search bar and add the client’s information.
  3. Once their details have been added, click Save and their client profile will be added to the appointment as a New client and saved to your list of clients.

To remove a client from the appointment: 

  1. Go to the appointment and click on the client’s name.
  2. Click the three_dots.png next to the client's name and select Remove from appointment.

PRO TIP: We recommend you add a capital letter to the beginning of your client's names to ensure they reflect correctly on emails and text message. The cleaner your client data, the more effective your auto campaigns efforts and automated messages will be.

 Add services to the appointment

Now that you've added the client to the appointment, it's time to add one of your services from the service menu. You can add multiple services to the appointment, and can even assign services to different team members. 

To add services to the appointment:

  1. Click the Service window and choose which service you’d like to add to the appointment. The default duration will populate automatically, but you can change this if required.
  2. To add another service, repeat in the box below.
  3. Click Save to create the appointment.

PRO TIP: When a client has multiple services in one appointment, they will only receive one confirmation message, one reminder, and one invoice. The start time of the reminder notification will be based on the earliest appointment. 

 Add notes to the appointment

Appointment notes are appointment-specific and added directly to the booking itself. These can be used to capture important information such as special requests, progress or formulas used that day.

To add notes to an appointment:

  1. When editing or creating an appointment, click the Notes window to add your notes. If the client booked online, their booking notes will be shown here too.
  2. Click Save when you're ready to add this to the calendar.

Appointment notes will also show alongside the Client feed under Clients

Click here for more information on how to cancel an appointment.

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