How do I set up auto campaigns?

Our marketing tools have been designed to help you engage with your clients and manage all of your marketing and promotional activities in one place. From auto campaigns to one-off blast campaigns, Fresha has you covered. 

Auto campaigns are currently available in the following countries. Keep an eye on the red bell icon as we'll notify you whenever new countries have been added, in case your country isn't on the list just yet!

Auto campaigns

Our smart delivery technology uses information about client preferences and your business’ default settings to optimise the reach of your notifications across email and text. Triggered by special events in your calendar, you can surprise your clients with a special birthday discount, welcome new ones, invite clients to book online, win back your old ones, and reward your regulars.

To create your first smart campaign:

  1. Go to Engage and click on Auto campaigns.
  2. Choose which Smart campaign you’d like to Enable.
  3. Adjust the message text and upload your own images to customise the message appearance. We’ve created an email subject, headline, and body text so you don’t have to. You can edit this to suit your business and your client’s needs.
  4. Set your offer. You can choose the value, the maximum number of appointments, expiry date, and the services it can be applied to. The discount value will be applied individually to each applicable service booked.  
  5. Your campaign audience is predefined depending on the type of campaign you’re looking to run. We’ll use your client list to make sure your smart campaigns are reaching the right people.
  6. Send a Test campaign. You can do this by clicking Options and selecting Send test email. Add your email address or one you have access to and click Send.
  7. Preview your campaign to make sure everything is correct.
  8. Once you’re happy with the template, click Enable campaign. Your smart campaign will automatically send messages to clients on an ongoing basis. You can easily modify or pause this campaign at any time.

PRO TIP: You can edit, pause, enable or disable your campaigns at any time by going to Marketing  and selecting enable.png the or the three_dots.png to Edit.

NOTE: Clients who receive one of your marketing emails will have the option to unsubscribe by clicking Unsubscribe in the footer of every email. Clients who unsubscribe will have the Accepts marketing notifications option automatically disabled from their client records. 

Track your auto campaign

Tracking your marketing campaigns gives you invaluable insight into how well your campaign is working for you. 

There are two ways you can track the success of your marketing campaigns.

To track the success of an individual campaign:

  1. Go to Engage and click on Auto campaigns.
  2. Click on the three_dots_across.png next to the campaign you’re looking to view and select Overview.
  3. In your Campaign overview, you can find out how many messages have been sent, how many clients have clicked on the offer; and the total sales generated. 

You can also view the performance of all of your marketing campaigns combined from the existing Reports section.

  1. Go to Reports and click on Reports.
  2. Select Sales by Channel.

Here you’ll be able to see the sales generated from your campaigns as one total under Marketing - Auto campaigns.

NOTE: The Sales by channel reports on the value of all sales from marketing campaigns based on the dates you have filtered. The Campaign Overview gives you the current values of that individual campaign since it was enabled.

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