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Marketing Campaigns are currently available for businesses who have enabled Fresha Plus 

Reach out to your clients through Fresha

Need a place where you can manage all of your marketing and promotional activities from the comfort of any device?

Then you've come to the right place because at Fresha, dreams do come true! Fresha's comprehensive set of marketing tools are here to help you engage with your clients. From automated Smart Campaigns to one-off Blast Campaigns, Fresha has you covered. 

By enabling Fresha Plus, you can manage your campaigns anywhere, anytime. Our marketing tools allow you to entice your clients to book effortlessly and pay through the app without any upfront hurdles, all the while ensuring your own time is fully protected.

Fresha makes it easy to unify your CRM, Online Bookings, Promotions, and Reports all under one roof. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with Fresha's marketing campaigns. 

This guide walks you through the following:

  1. What are Smart Campaigns?
  2. How to create a Smart Campaign
  3. How to create a Test Campaign
  4. How to track Campaign Success!

We recommend visiting the following two articles to help you Enable Fresha Online Bookings and to understand Fresha Plus prior to marketing.


1. What are Smart Campaigns?

Smart Campaigns are just that, super smart. They're emails triggered by special events in your calendar such as;
- Birthday Specials
- Welcome New Clients
- Invite Clients to Book Online
- Win Back Clients
- Reward Regulars 

Surprise clients with a special birthday discount, persuade a new customer who has just visited to return, and inspire your regular phone/walk-in clients to make their first ever online booking. You can also re-engage with clients you haven't seen in a while and reward your top spenders!


2. How to create a Smart Campaign

Creating Smart Campaigns are really easy and have been streamlined within Fresha.

  1. From the menu, navigate to Marketing where you will find all of the Marketing features
  2. Select New CampaignScreenshot_2019-03-19_at_16.11.49.png
  3. Choose the Smart Campaign option and click Select                                      Screenshot-2019-12-04-at-19.00.35.gif
  4. Select the Smart Campaign of your choice then select Continue
  5. Upload your Header Image and Continue
  6. Adjust the Subject, Headline and the Body of the email and Continue
  7. Set the discount offer as a fixed dollar amount or percentage then c hoose which services the discount applies to and when it expires, then Continue
  8. Select which clients to send your campaign to, then Continue
    Some audiences will be predefined.
  9. Finally, you can Preview your e-shot before submitting Enable Campaign 

Congrats! You've just enabled your first Smart Campaign!

You'll see it appear as active under Marketing > Campaigns. Screenshot_2019-03-19_at_16.49.57.png

Navigate back to your Marketing section any time to edit the campaign, change its status, or preview the campaign once more.

Additional campaigns can be added using the black "+" button in the bottom right.

Tip: Smart and effective campaigns allow you to optimize your calendar, fill your occupancy and ensure that no working hours go to waste. 

Note: Clients who receive one of your marketing emails will have the option to unsubscribe by clicking on the Unsubscribe from promotions button that appears in the footer of every email. Clients who unsubscribe will have the Accepts marketing notifications option automatically disabled from their client records. 


3. How to create a Test Campaign

Testing your campaign can be done at each stage of campaign creation. To test your campaign simply:

  1. Add your Email in the placeholder
  2. Select Send Test Email

TIP: Testing your campaign at the last stage gives you a complete overview of all the changes you have made. You can also click on Preview at the last stage to view your Smart Campaign email as it would appear in your client's inbox.


4. How to track Campaign Success!

Tracking your marketing campaigns gives you invaluable insight into how well your campaign is working for you. 

There are two main areas where you can check the success of your marketing campaigns.

To track the success of an individual campaign:

  1. From the menu, head to the Marketing tab
  2. Navigate to Campaigns at the top
  3. Select an existing campaign.

Here you will see the results of your campaign's performance. From this view, you will see how many automatic messages have been sent, how many clients have clicked on the offer; and the total sales generated. 

You can also view the performance of all of your marketing campaigns combined from the existing Reports section.

  1. From the menu, head to the Analytics tab
  2. Click on Reports > Sales by Channel

Here you will see the sales generated from all your marketing campaigns as one total.

Note: The Sales by Channel reports on the value of all sales from marketing campaigns based on the dates you have filtered. The Campaign Overview gives you the current values of that individual campaign since it was enabled.

Currently available for those businesses who have upgraded to Fresha Plus

Should you wish to upgrade to Fresha Plus please email hello@fresha.com 

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