What information can I find in my business wallet?

Your Wallet has been designed to help you track all of your fees, payouts, and transactions in one place. In your Wallet, you’ll be able to find your most recent transactions and the payment methods used. You can click into each transaction to view more details and scroll down to View more wallet history to see all transactions made within a selected date range. Learn more about how payouts work. 

As well as providing details on your upcoming payouts* and transaction history, there are a number of other things that can be managed and viewed in your Wallet: 

  • Wallet balance - Your total balance and available balance (the total available to payout or transfer) can be found highlighted at the top when you open your business wallet. Click Info or a breakdown of the total balance, available balance and pending balance.
  • Billing details - Your default billing details will be displayed on your monthly invoice from Fresha. You can update these at any time by clicking on three_dots_down.png and selecting Edit.
  • Payment methods - Your default payment method is used for one-off payments, such as blast message marketing campaigns, and automatic top-ups. You can update these at any time by clicking on three_dots_down.png and selecting Edit.
  • Bank accounts - Your default bank account is used to receive all payouts from Fresha. The account will need to be verified before you can start receiving payouts but can be updated at any time by clicking on three_dots_down.png and selecting Edit bank account or Edit bank account holder
  • Wallet history - Your wallet history provides you with a detailed breakdown of your payouts and payment activity within a selected time period. Your payment activity can be broken down into adjustments, card payments, fees, payouts, purchases, refunds, and top-ups. 
  • Monthly statement and fees - Your monthly statement provides you with a detailed breakdown of all your transactions for each calendar month while your fee activity shows you all appointments and sales which were subject to a fee: bookings checked out with Fresha payment processing (pay by link or card terminal), any sale which generated a new client fee, and blast campaign fees.
  • Fresha pricing - The per transaction fee for your country/market will be displayed here alongside any additional fees you may have been charged for using our blast campaigns feature.

*Regular payouts to your account are available to Fresha payment users only.

Learn how to set up payment processing for your account.

NOTE: Top-ups are charges made against the card added under Payment methods. Top-ups will be charged if your balance is negative at the end of the month and we charge your card to settle it to 0 or you purchase items like blast campaigns or terminals.

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