What's new for consultation forms?

Since we first launched our consultation forms feature in November 2020, thousands of Fresha Plus Partners have been enjoying exclusive access to our built-in, fully customisable forms at no additional cost!

Fully integrated and securely stored on your Fresha account, our initial rollout for consultation forms allowed Partners to: 

  • Create custom sections that can be tailored to the needs of their business. 
  • Assign different forms to different services based on their requirements.
  • Send fully automated notifications to clients so all the information needed before an appointment takes place can be gathered and securely stored in one place. 

Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback, and in recent weeks, have introduced a number of new features that make the creation, management, and completion of consultation forms a truly seamless experience. 

Find out more about the latest updates we’ve made to our market-leading consultation forms below and start creating your forms. 

Pre-fill data from a client’s profile write.png

Our ready-made templates have been designed to save you time when creating consultation forms that require basic client information. Our latest update to the Client details section allows you to automatically gather important information such as name, email address, and mobile number using the personal data saved under the client’s profile. By pre-filling the information for you, clients can spend even less time providing their details before the appointment takes place.

PRO TIP: We recommend reviewing and updating your client list to capture as much information from the client database as possible when using the Client details section in your forms.

Complete consultation forms on behalf of clients tick.png

If for any reason the client has been unable to complete a form before their appointment, you can now fill in the details on their behalf or ask them to complete the form using your device once they’ve arrived at your location. Allowing staff to complete forms on your client’s behalf means you’ll never need to cancel, delay or reschedule bookings because their information hasn’t been submitted before the appointment takes place.

Print your completed forms print.png

Our consultation forms offer a completely paperless solution to what can often be a painstakingly manual process of fact-checking, filing, and updating your client records. If local government restrictions require a real client signature to be captured on paper, you can now print out completed forms from the client’s profile or from your Consultations Forms under Consultation form requests. A digital copy of each completed form will be securely saved to your client’s profile and can be printed out at any time.

Check your metrics metrics.png

Using our high-level metrics, you can now track the performance of each of the forms you’ve created, including the number of forms sent, how many need completing, how many have been completed, and how many have expired. Under each of these forms, you can quickly view which consultation forms are due and send an email reminder in just a few clicks.

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