How do I sell a voucher online?

If you have Fresha payments enabled, you can start selling your vouchers online through the Fresha marketplace and via online booking links on your website and social pages. 

To start selling your vouchers online follow these simple steps:

  1. When creating a voucher type, make sure you select the toggle enable.png to Enable online sales.
  2. Once created, go to Vouchers and select Sell vouchers online.
  3. Click on Copy link to share your available vouchers with your clients on your website and social pages.
  4. Once you’ve added the URL to your website and social pages, clients will be able to purchase your vouchers using the online booking link to your service list.

PRO TIP: Change the order your vouchers are displayed on your voucher list by clicking Reorder and using drag and drop to choose how you'd like them to be presented to your clients.

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