Create client profiles manually

Add new clients to your business account and find all of their information stored in a centralized and accessible place. Learn how to add details about your client, including emergency contacts, and update key settings. 

This guide covers:

Getting started

You can add clients as soon as your account is set up. If you are a team member we recommend

  • Reaching out to the account owner to request permission to manage client details.

Adding a new client

Easily add a new client to your business by building a profile to store and manage their information. 

Client profile details 

Clients can be saved using their first name and contact details, but it's better to enter their full details to ensure they receive communications from your business. To add a client’s basic profile information: 

  1. Open your Clients list and click Add Client.
  2. Under Profile, enter the client’s basic details like their First name, Last name, Email, Phone number, Date of birth, Gender, and Pronouns.
  3. Under Additional info, provide the following details:

    Preferred language - Choose the client’s preferred language for receiving automated messages.

    Client source - Select how the client found your business from the list of available sources. New sources can be created under the Referral sources setting

    Occupation - Enter the client’s occupation.

    Nationality - Specify the client's nationality.

    Additional email and phone - Include any extra email or phone numbers for the client, like a client’s work number.

  4. Click Save or proceed to add the client's address

NOTE: When adding a new client, the system will detect if the contact information matches an existing client. An alert will appear to let you know and to prevent duplicates by selecting Review

TOP TIP: When creating a new client, capitalise the first letter of their first and last name so that the correct format is reflected on your notification and promotion activity for a more professional look.

Client address details

Adding an address for your client can be helpful if your business provides services at home, or sells products online with a delivery. You can add multiple addresses. To add an address for your client: 

  1. Continue from adding client profile details or open your Clients list and Add Client. 
  2. Select Addresses and click Add new address to provide the following details:

    Type - Choose whether it's the client’s Home, Work, or Other.

    Address name -  Customize the address type for clarity. For example, if you select Other, specify its purpose, like a “second home”.

    Address - Start typing the client’s address to find the correct one. The fields below will auto-fill, but you can Edit them as needed.

  3. Click Continue to add the address. If the client has multiple addresses, click Add New address and repeat the steps above. 
  4. Click Save or proceed to add emergency contact details

Emergency contact details

Adding emergency contacts is optional and clients can choose to provide up to two contacts. For each contact provided, both a name and a phone number are mandatory. To add the client’s emergency contacts: 

  1. Continue from adding a client’s address or open your Clients list and Add Client.
  2. Select Emergency contacts and provide the following information for the Primary and Secondary contacts:
    - Full name: Enter the emergency contact’s full name.
    - Relationship: Specify the contact’s relationship to the client. For example, "parent," "friend," or "spouse."
    - Email address and phone: Provide the email address and phone number to reach the emergency contact.
  3. Click Save or proceed to update the client's settings.

Client settings

Within client settings, you can customize how clients stay informed as well as the Upfront payments and Card capture rules that apply. To update your client’s settings: 

  1. Continue from adding emergency contacts or open your Clients list and Add Client.
  2. Select Settings and under Notifications, mark the checkbox next to the preferred contact methods:

    - Appointment notifications: Choose to notify clients about their appointments via email and text. 

    - Marketing notifications: Select email or text marketing communications preferences agreed to by the client. This will apply when you send Blast campaigns.

  3. If you have Payment processing enabled, prevent no-shows and late cancellations by allowing Upfront payments and card capture to apply to the client’s appointments. 
  4. Click Save to add the new client. 

NOTE: New clients will be labelled as New until their first appointment or product purchase. This can be seen on the client card within their profile and appointments


Q. How can I add multiple clients to Fresha at once?
To import a list of existing clients, use the Fresha import feature. This allows for a bulk addition of clients to your business, streamlining the setup process.

Q. Can I customize the notifications that clients receive?
Yes, under the Notifications section in the client’s Settings, you can tailor which notifications each client receives, from appointments to marketing communications.

Q. How do I add notes to a client's profile?
Notes can be added to a client’s profile at any time. Add a Staff alert that will remain visible on the client's contact card for the most important information. Additional notes can be added by opening your Clients list, selecting a client, then Documents and Notes. Click on Add, adjust the entry date, add a note and Save.

Q. Can I change client details after they’ve been added? 
Yes, update client information at any time by opening your Clients list, selecting a client to open their profile, clicking Actions and selecting Edit client details

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