How do I add a client?

If you have online bookings enabled and the client books their appointment online, they’ll need to create a Fresha marketplace profile. They can do this via desktop or the app. If you’re creating the appointment manually and they haven’t booked with you before, you can add a client in just a few simple steps.

If you’d like to import all your existing clients and add them to your Fresha database, click here for instructions.

How to add a single client:

  1. Go to Clients and click Add Client.
  2. Add details including their name, mobile number, email address, gender, and date of birth.
  3. Important client info will only be visible to staff members. Click blue_tick.png to display on all their future bookings. Use the Client feed to add notes to the client’s profile at any time.
  4. Under Additional info, you have the option to include an additional phone number and the referral source.
  5. Click Add new address to add an address to the client’s profile.
  6. Under Notifications, use the enable.png to choose which client and marketing notifications they’d like to be opted into.
  7. Pick their preferred language.
  8. If you have Deposits and cancellation fees enabled use enable.png to ask the client to pay deposits or provide card details for cancellation fees.
  9. Click Save to apply these changes.

Click here for more information on how to manage and edit your client details.

NOTE: If an existing client has the same contact information as you’ve entered, we’ll notify you. Click Review duplicates to avoid creating any duplicate accounts.

PRO TIP: You can now see events regarding appointments (bookings and cancellations), consultation forms, paid plans, merged accounts, reviews, tips, and vouchers in your client feed! Just head to Clients, search the client you'd like to view and select to view their Client feed. Use the Filters Filters.png to choose which events and notes you'd like to view.


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