How will I be notified when an online booking is made?

Once you have enabled online bookings, you can decide whether you’d like to be notified when an appointment has been booked online. You can opt into receiving notifications via the app or directly to your preferred email address.

Your user permissions determine whether staff will receive notifications about changes to other staff member’s appointments. By default, they'll get notifications for their own appointments, but they need Access to other staff calendars or Access all locations enabled for notifications about other staff.

Push notifications 

To set up push notifications on your phone:

  1. Click on the Bell notification.png, and go to Settings settings.png.
  2. Select the dropdown under Notify me about and choose whether you’d like to be notified about appointments booked with all staff or me only.
  3. If you have multiple locations, click on All locations and choose which location you’d like the notification to apply to. 
  4. Click Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png next to New appointments & marketplace sales (and any other notifications you’d like to receive.)
  5. Save changes.

Once your booking notification has been switched on, you'll be notified whenever any new bookings are made - even when you're not using the app! 

NOTE: Staff notifications are managed and set up by each staff member. If they have login access or their own Fresha account set up, they’ll have access to staff notifications. Click here to create user logins and set permissions for your staff members.

Email notifications

You can choose which email addresses receive notifications and decide whether the service provider who received the online booking receives email notification or not.

To do this:

  1. Go to Online bookings and select on Settings settings.png.
  2. Click Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png next to Send to staff members booked and/or to Send to specific email addresses. You can add multiple email addresses by separating with commas.
  3. Save changes.

NOTE:  Email notifications are only sent when an appointment is booked online. If the client replies to this email, their reply will go to the Contact email added under Locations.

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