How do I run promotions for my services?

Running promotions on your services is a great way of introducing new services to your clients and encouraging them to book with you during quieter periods. If you have a big service menu and don’t know which ones to choose, it’s worth looking at your most recent bookings and sales reports and creating a promotional offer for specific services. If there are any services that aren’t performing as well as you might’ve hoped for, try offering a short-term promotion to attract your client’s attention.

To create a promotion for your services:

  1. Go to Services and select the service you’d like to offer (or create a new one.)
  2. Scroll down to Pricing and Duration and select the pricing option you’d like to update (or Add pricing option.)
  3. Under Special price add the promotional price of the service.
  4. Save changes.

The discounted price will be shown when scheduling any appointments for that service in your calendar or to your clients when they book online.

PRO TIP: If you’d like to run a promotion for a large number of services, why not try creating a deal that can be applied to specific services at checkout or any of the services you offer.

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