How do I add more than one service to an appointment?

When booking an appointment on behalf of a client, you can add as many services as required. Services will be performed in the order they are added and will be based on the availability of the team and resources assigned to that service, so make sure they are added in the order the client would like them performed.

Once you've selected the client from your client list (or created a new client profile), you can start choosing which services the client would like to book. 

To add services to the appointment:

  1. Click the Service dropdown and choose which service you’d like to add to the appointment. 
  2. Choose which Team member will be performing the selected service. An exclamation mark will appear next to a team member’s name if it’s outside of their working hours, they’re unavailable at that time, or they’re unable to provide the service. Click here for more info on assigning team members to services.
  3. If a resource has been assigned to the service it will populate automatically. You can change this if required.
  4. The default duration will populate automatically, but you can change this if needed.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed the details for this service, click Add another service and follow the same steps outlined above.
  6. Click Save to create the appointment.

NOTE: You can still book an appointment with a team member if it’s outside of their working hours, they’re not assigned to the service, or already have a client booked in.

PRO TIP: When a client has multiple services in one appointment, they will only receive one confirmation message, one reminder, and one invoice. The start time of the reminder notification will be based on the earliest appointment. 

Click here for more information on how to create an appointment.

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