How do I split payments?

Once an appointment has been completed, the client may want to pay for your services using more than one payment method.

To split payments across multiple payment methods, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. When you get to Checkout, click on Charge.
  2. The amount due will be shown on the Payment page. Click on the balance and enter the amount the client would like to pay.
  3. Choose which payment method they would like to use and Complete sale. Depending on the payment method you have selected, there may be additional steps that you or the client will need to complete for the transaction to go through, for example entering a pin using a Fresha card terminal, entering a voucher code, or following the steps outlined in a payment link.
  4. The outstanding balance will be displayed on the Payment page. Follow the same steps outlined above to pay off the remaining balance with whichever payment method/s the client would like to use.

NOTE: You cannot split a payment between 2 Fresha payment types, for example, half via Pay by Link and half via a Fresha card terminal. This would require two invoices to be generated. To split a payment, you'll need to choose offline payment options only, or one Fresha payment option.

PRO TIP: Click on More options to save the appointment as Part-paid. Use your Sales log report to track any part-paid and unpaid invoices.

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