What are credits?

Credits are a Fresha specific currency that can be used to pay for paid features we would normally charge you for. Depending on the type of credits you’ve been granted, you can use these to pay for all Fresha fees such as card processing fees and blast campaign fees.

You can find out which fees your credits can be used on under Fresha credits in your Wallet.

NOTE: Credits are specific to the account they have been issued to and cannot be paid out as a cash sum. 

To see how many credits you have left and the expiry date: 

  1. Head to your Wallet and select Fresha credits.
  2. Once there, you can find the following information:
  • Your credit balance
  • The date the credits were granted to you
  • The expiry date. Click on View expired credits for a full breakdown of any previous credits you were granted, when they expired, and how they have been spent.

Click here for more information on how to redeem credits.

NOTE: If you have used all your credits, your Fresha credits balance will display ‘No credits remaining’.

PRO TIP: Use the Credits filter in your Wallet history or your Monthly statements and fees to keep track of your credits history and how they have been used. 

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