What are chargebacks and how does Fresha deal with them?

A chargeback happens when a client disputes a transaction on their account and asks their bank to issue a refund. 

When a chargeback is raised, the transaction is refunded to the cardholder while the dispute is being reviewed. Defending a dispute can be a complicated process that includes penalty fees for Fresha imposed by the card scheme (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, etc), regardless of the outcome. If the outcome favours your client, Fresha will pass the chargeback onto you.

Depending on the type of chargeback raised, we may ask you to provide us with one or more of the following:

  • Before and after pictures of the services they received.
  • Any interaction with the client outside of Fresha. For example, text messages and email chains.
  • CCTV footage of the client entering or leaving the venue.

NOTE: We don’t raise chargeback inquiries for all disputes, just for those we need more information about. If you fail to reply to our chargeback inquiry within the specified timeframe, we won’t have sufficient evidence to defend the chargeback and will have no choice but to pass on the service amount to you.

NOTE: Fresha does pay a dispute fee for every chargeback that’s raised against your account, however, we are not passing this dispute fee onto you.

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