Getting started with Fresha Plus

Fresha Plus is currently available to all businesses in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Congratulations on joining the Fresha Plus package. Not only are you one of the first to be introduced to groundbreaking technology for the beauty and wellness industry but you also have a whole lot more peace of mind with new revenues to look forward to.
Fresha Plus is the latest product brought to you by the Fresha team. It's designed to improve engagement with your clients and protect yourself against cancellations and no-shows in order to supercharge your revenues. Fresha Plus unlocks every single feature available for a single flat fee on all bookings made online. 

Features including

Supporting Material

We recommend reviewing the following articles to become familiar with the new features you and your clients can enjoy. This core list of articles will help you make the most of Fresha Plus so you can work smarter and not harder.


Cancellation and No Shows 

Do enable the no show and late cancellation protection. This short video shows how easy it so to charge a client when they don't show or cancel last minute:

  • Enable your Cancellation and No show policy straight away so that all newly booked online appts are protected
  • Inform your clients of the changes and offer a temporary discount to encourage clients to book their next appointment online
  • Encourage your clients to book online - it'll save you time and they'll add their card details
  • Update your answer phone message to encourage clients to book online - You may experience a temporary increase in calls as clients adjust to the changes
  • Consider unblocking clients who had previously no showed as you are now protected
  • View your appointment history where you'll see whether the appointment has a policy applied or not
  • Don't be too strict with your Cancellation and No Show policy. After all, you still want to encourage clients to book with you, eg 3 strikes rule
  • Avoid making unnecessary edits to the appointment, eg drag and drop as this will remove the Online Booking Policy and protection


  • Enable all smart marketing campaigns from the get-go so these can run in the back ground
  • Add top quality images to encourage better conversations 
  • Preview your campaign before enabling 
  • Track campaign success from the dashboard and tweak each campaign accordingly
  • Capture client birthdays where possible and add to the client details 
  • Add your book now buttons to your website, Facebook and Instagram
  • Run a small campaign on Facebook or Instagram to drive more online bookings 
  • Book yourself an appointment as though you are the end user so you can experience first hand how easy it is to use
  • Review your Fresha Profile to ensure it stands out

General Payments

  • Stop using the card machine. Do charge the card that is stored on Fresha after the service has been completed, where possible. The card processing fee is included in the Fresha Plus package. This will save you from paying twice by not having to pay your external card machine provider.
  • Do not charge the card that is stored in Fresha then charge their physical card again. This will result in the client being charged twice, and you'll pay fees twice. 

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