How do I hide client contact information from staff members?

When creating user logins and setting staff permissions, you can adjust permission levels to suit your needs, including whether staff members are able to see client contact information.

  1. Go to Staff Staff.png and select User permissions.
  2. Scroll down to Can see client contact info and click Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png under the user permission level you’d like to grant access to. We recommend only granting access to high permission staff members only.
  3. Save changes.

Once a staff member is given any level of access, they will receive an email to create their own login password.

PRO TIP: An email can only be used once on Fresha. If their email is added to another Fresha Partner account then you won't be able to give them access under that same address. Staff will either need to use a different email or contact us at hello@fresha.com so we can help free up their current one. 

NOTE: Client contact details are always visible within the Analytics section, even for users with Can see client contact info disabled.

What can staff members see?

By removing a staff member's access to client contact information, they will see a simplified view of client details throughout Fresha.

Staff members without access to Can see client contact info will only be able to see the following: 

  • The client's first name and the first letter of their last name.
  • The first 4 letters of the client's email and the last 4 digits of their mobile number. 

This reduced visibility is applied at the appointment level when using the search function and on the calendar.

PRO TIP: Staff who have access to the Staff members and Permission levels tabs can grant access to other users.

NOTE: Staff without access to see client contact info cannot edit client profiles but can create new clients and search for clients by mobile and email.

Important Information

We do not recommend giving a staff member or administrator access to the Setup area unless absolutely necessary, as this can include sensitive information relating to your business and Fresha account.

We also strongly recommend that you do not share your account login details (email, password) with other staff members. No employee at Fresha will ever ask you for your login information or password.

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