How to make your online profile stand out

Fresha unlocks a whole world of new clients and revenues. By listing your business on the Fresha marketplace you are joining the world’s largest beauty and wellness network. List a profile that shows off your business in the best way possible, become discoverable to new clients, and give existing ones an amazing booking experience.

It all starts with a flawless Fresha profile. Check out our top tips for making your Fresha Marketplace profile stand out from the competition.

Take top quality photos

A good picture is worth a thousand words. When new clients scroll through Fresha, the first thing their eyes are drawn to is your photo. A beautifully shot image helps depict the story of what an appointment with you will look and feel like.

Before you pick up the camera, ensure your room is immaculate. Set up the place as it will look in real life for clients who visit so that their expectations are met.


TIP: Consider sprucing up your showroom with plants, artwork or any other features that look great and suit the character of your business. Click here for our full Photography guidelines.

When it’s time to shoot, pick a time during the day that gives you the best natural light, and avoid using the flash if you can.

Experiment with different angles and shots that give you good depth and make your place look as inviting as possible. Are there any particular facilities or equipment you’re proud of? Include them in your photo gallery to showcase what makes you different.


NOTE: You don't have to be a professional photographer and you don't need the fanciest equipment! Most smartphones have good quality cameras and adding a simple filter with editing programs such as Lightroom or VSCO can really elevate the quality of your snaps. 

Write an accurate business description

Good photographs are essential, but they're only one part of the perfect Fresha listing formula. Add key details about your business to display on your online booking profile. Personalise your listing by presenting your most unique characteristics. 50-100 words are about enough to describe your business and show clients why you're worth visiting and coming back to.


It's a good idea to use keywords that people would be likely to use when conducting a search. If your business is focused on nail services, then include words like nail, manicure or pedicure in your profile description.

TIP: If you're finding it difficult to find the words to describe your business, try sitting with your team and have a conversation about what it's like to visit your studio and how it makes people feel. What are your clients' favourite services? What are you known for? What are you most proud of?

When setting up location details, drag the pin to adjust the map location for 100% accuracy. Make sure to be exact so clients can easily locate your business. 

Perfect your service menu and descriptions

Your services should be clearly written and formatted to ensure the booking process is simple and easy for clients. The structure and order of service groups need to be considered when you set them up under Services, since that is how they will appear in your Fresha profile.

Prioritise your best services by displaying them at the top.  Remember to watch out for:

  • Inconsistent spelling/grammar
  • Repetitive descriptions
  • Lack of order/priority
  • Unclear booking policies
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Cluttered service menu

Here's an example of a well-written menu:


NOTE: Service descriptions are one-liners that should tell the client exactly what the service includes if it isn't already clear. Be specific and try to avoid repetition. Make use of the Service Group Description as well as the individual Service descriptions.  

Make sure your prices are up to date and they best represent the quality of what you can offer. Keep important information separate and include it under Settings > Important info. Clients will see this before confirming their online booking. Remember that you can also pick and choose which services you'd like available online.

PRO TIP: Under Analytics in Fresha, run your Sales By Service report to see your most popularly booked services. Remove any services that are collecting dust and haven't been sold in a while so that clients don’t have to scroll through an endless list to find what they're looking for.

Reduce clutter and focus on your bestsellers. Every so often, add a new service you'd like to introduce and test the water by offering a temporary 10% discount to see if there is demand.

Add credibility

Encourage clients to leave a rating after they've visited. Happy clients attract new sales, so let them spread the word about why they love you.

Clients can leave a review through the Fresha app after their appointment has finished and been checked out. You can set up an automated Thank You email in your Notification settings which will include a link and a friendly encouragement to leave a rating. Clients can also do this from the Past Bookings section in the Fresha app, where they can Rebook an appointment with you directly as well.

TIP: Walk your clients through the Fresha rating and rebooking process next time they visit so you can be sure they'll have no problems making another appointment with you. 


Access powerful online booking features by listing your business on Fresha, apply these useful tips for a flawless Fresha profile to drive more online bookings, and supercharge your business growth.

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