Fresha photography guidelines

When it comes to attracting new business, first impressions matter, and using high-quality photos that show your clients what your business has to offer can help your online profile stand out from the competition.


Check out our photography guidelines to find out what photographs you should be using on your online profile to help promote your business:

1. No stock photos

We don't allow stock images even if they have been legally purchased by you or your business as they do not represent the true nature of your services, salon, or spa.

2. No branded photos

We do not use images where logos and social media handles take up a significant portion of the image. As a neutral platform, we don’t want to appear as if we’re promoting any particular spa or salon.

3. Upload format

We only support JPEG file formats for photo uploads.  

4. Image resolution 

Take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, the bigger the photo, the better. Use a DSLR or high-resolution smartphone camera.


5. Landscape over portrait

Should you be using a smartphone, take your photos in landscape format.​ Landscape images display much better online and in search results.


6. Number of photos

We recommend uploading a minimum of 2 photos​ per profile showcasing different angles of your workplace. Pictures make your profile stand out and encourage clients to book with you, so show off any unique aspects of your work. You can upload a maximum of ​4 photos per location.


7. Set the scene

Make sure you clean up and remove any clutter to ensure your salon or spa looks spacious and inviting.


8. Good lighting

Take photos during the day.​ Open the blinds to brighten your space and use natural lighting where possible. It'll enhance the best aspects of your salon.


9. Variety 

Add a range of photos to help clients understand what it’s like to book your services. Take multiple photos of your salon or shop's interior, pictures of your specialists, and action shots of your team working with clients.



10. Key Features 

Highlight unique amenities.​ Clients love to visit salons with character. If you run a beauty salon, bring to attention details like your massage room or manicure table. If you run a barbershop, showcase your vintage barber's chair, reception, and hair styling equipment.


If you have any questions or need any support, get in touch with our Partner Support team at hello@fresha.com.



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