What are new client fees and when will they be charged?

A 20% one-off new client fee (50% in UAE) will be charged when a brand new client discovers and books your services via the Fresha marketplace or apps. The fee never applies to clients that are already saved to your Fresha Partner account or any clients who book or buy something through your website or social pages using your dedicated booking URL.


If you are new to Fresha and would like your existing clients to start booking their appointments via Fresha, it’s a good idea to import your existing client list before publishing your marketplace profile

PRO TIP: If you have any duplicate client profiles, you can combine them under one profile by clicking Review & merge.


Once a client’s details have been added to your client list, they can start booking their appointments via Fresha (using the same contact information), and you won’t be charged a new client fee for any future bookings they make. 

NOTE: A small transaction fee applies to all bookings that are checked out using Send link or a Fresha card terminal - click here to find out more.

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