What are tiered commissions and how do I apply them?

Tiered commissions allow you to set different commission amounts for your staff members based on the services they perform, and the products, vouchers, and paid plans that they sell. By setting motivational commission thresholds, your staff members can earn more after achieving their sales goals and start generating more revenue for your business.

To set up tiered commissions for your staff members, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Go to Staff members and select the staff member whose commission you’d like to update.
  2. Scroll down to Commissions and select Set commission add_new_service.png.
  3. Choose an Effective date from when the staff member will start earning commission.
  4. Under Commission cycle, choose how often you’d like the commission cycle to reset. This can be set to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  5. Choose whether you’d like to set a tiered commission for services, products, vouchers, or paid plans.
  6. Click Add commission add_new_service.png and enter the minimum or maximum amount that the commission will apply to. If you don’t want to set a minimum or maximum amount for the commission to apply to, the system will automatically set "from" to 0 and "to" to infinity. It cannot be left blank.
  7. Enter the percentage % or cash amount that the staff member will receive with every sale item.
  8. To add another commission tier for that commission cycle, click Add new commission tier add_new_service.png and follow the same steps outlined above. You can add up to 9 commission tiers for each of the cycles you create for that staff member.
  9. Once you’re happy with the commission cycles you’ve created for the services, products, vouchers, and paid plans that the staff member sells, click Save.
  10. The commission cycle will automatically apply from the Effective date you have selected. 
  11. You can edit or delete a commission cycle at any time. Editing a campaign will recalculate all past commissions for that period, so it’s better to create a new commission campaign than edit an existing one. Editing a future campaign has no impact on commission amounts.

PRO TIP: Set future commission cycle for staff members at any time by selecting Set future commission add_new_service.png.

NOTE: Click on View history next to each of the commission cycles you’ve created for the staff member to see how much commission they have earned.

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