How do I create a new purchase order?

It’s important to keep track of your stock levels so you know when to place a new order with your suppliers. 

Before creating a purchase order for the first time, make sure you have added in your suppliers to order from. Go to Suppliers to add in their details.

To create a new purchase order:

  1. Go to Products and select Purchase orders.
  2. Click Add order.
  3. Select a supplier to order product stock from.
  4. Choose which location you’d like the order to be delivered to. 
  5. Click on Add product and select a product you’d like to order. Scan the barcode or locate the item using the search bar.
  6. Choose your Order quantity and add the Supply price (where relevant).
  7. Once you’ve added all your products, click Create order.
  8. You can send a copy of your order details via Email or Download a PDF version.

NOTE: If you’d like to cancel your order, click Cancel order to confirm. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

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