How do I promote my offering through blast campaigns?

Blast campaigns help you to communicate and engage with clients new and old and promoting vouchers, services, and memberships through email and text message have proven highly effective for Partners who want to increase bookings and grow their sales.

Linking clients to your memberships, vouchers, services, and individual team members gives you the flexibility to target specific members of your client list with services you know they’re going to love.

There are two ways you can do this:

Online Booking

  1. Go to Online profile and select Link builder.
  2. Click Create Link under the type of link you’d like to generate.
  3. Choose which location, memberships, services, team members, or vouchers you’d like to link them to.
  4. Click on Create link to confirm.
  5. Select Preview link to make sure the link is sending clients to the right location.
  6. Once you’re happy with the link you’ve created, click Send as blast campaign.
  7. Now choose whether to send your blast campaign via email or text message

PRO TIP: Once your link has been created, click Generate a QR code to quickly direct clients to your services. The QR code can be used to print as a sticker on the door or on the desk for clients to scan and book in an instant.

Blast campaign

  1. Go to PromoteBlast campaigns. Go to Blast campaigns.
  2. Click New message and choose whether to send your blast campaign via email or text message

NOTE: You can also promote your vouchers using the Voucher template on the Blast campaigns page. Click here to find out more.

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