What information can I find in my client feed?

Your client feed provides you with a detailed breakdown of all the information you need for every client whose details have been securely stored on your client database. Updated in real-time, your client feed gives you instant access to their appointments, cancellations, forms, purchases, and much more. You can also manually log any information you think is important for the client, and attach files (including photos!) to help you quickly identify the most important information in their feed.

To access your client feed: 

  1. Go to Clients and search or select the client whose information you'd like to view.
  2. Once selected your Client feed will be displayed on the client profile.
  3. Click Add note to manually log information about the client, for example, colour or cut preference. Important information such as allergies should be added to the Important client info of the client's profile by going to Actions > Edit profile. Click blue_tick.png to ensure this information is displayed on all bookings.
  4. Your client feed will display information on appointments, cancellations, consultation forms, paid plans, vouchers, reviews, tips, as well as any notes that have been entered manually or changes that have been made to their profile information
  5. Add a photo or file to the client feed by clicking Add a note + the paperclip 📎 or Add a file+ and selecting the file you’d like to upload. Files can also be added to the client's profile but scrolling down to Files and selecting Add files. Any files added to the client profile are private and cannot be viewed by the client.
  6. Use the filters Filters.png to select blue_tick.png a topic and view specific entries in your client feed. 
  7. Click Apply.

PRO TIP: You can edit or delete a note that has been manually added to the client feed at any time by clicking on the three dots next to the note in their feed.

Click here for more information on adding notes to client profiles and bookings.

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