How do I reply to my reviews?

Fresha gives you the option to directly reply to your client reviews. If you thank your clients for their reviews and respond to any comments or issues that are raised, you can both strengthen your reputation and your client relationships. Your clients will receive an email notification showing your replies.

You can choose to show your replies on the Fresha marketplace or only make them visible to the client who left the review. 

View and respond to reviews:

  1. To find a full list of your reviews and ratings, go to Clients and select Reviews. Reviews will be displayed in the order they have been submitted. You can also click directly on a Review notification to reply to that review or go to an individual client to find their reviews.
  2. Click Reply and write your response.
  3. Choose from the drop-down options Reply as myself, or Reply as the location name to select who is replying to the review.
  4. Select Marketplace to make the reply visible on the marketplace and to other users, or select Only for client to only make it visible to the individual client who left the review.
  5. The client will receive an email notification showing the reply.
  6. If you want to edit or delete your reply, click the 3 dots next to the reply and select Edit or Delete

NOTE: Only clients who have made and completed a booking with your business can leave a rating or review.

PRO TIP: Personalise your reply by using the client’s name and always thank them for taking the time to leave feedback.

PRO TIP: Issues happen in any business, but you can always learn from these to improve your service. We recommend always responding calmly and respectfully.

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