Sending automated messages

Keep clients updated and engaged with automated messages. We’ll walk you through the available messages and how they work to increase bookings and reduce no-shows by up to 30%. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

What are automated messages?

Automated messages are helpful reminders and quick updates sent to clients via text message, email or in-app notification

Messages sent via email and in-app notifications are free of charge. Automated messages sent via text message will be deducted from your monthly text balance quota provided by Fresha which can be topped up through Auto top-ups.

The following features are included with automated messages:

  • 24/7 automated support in contacting clients
  • Standardised templates with smart features
  • Can be used for manual and online bookings
  • Support for multiple languages


  • All client notifications, including the capture card and deposits requests text message, are deducted from your monthly text allowance. 
  • The messages a client can receive are determined by the preferences selected in their Fresha account settings and/or their Client profile.
  • The option to send text messages is only available in countries with access to paid features.

Available automated messages 

To explore the range of automated messages available with Fresha, head to Automated messages located under Clients. Fresha's automated messages include:


Send up to three reminders ahead of an upcoming appointment and choose when you’d like them to be sent. This will help reduce no-shows by ensuring clients don’t forget about their bookings. Learn how to send appointment reminders to your clients.

Appointment updates 

There are six types of automated messages you can send clients as appointment updates, including: 

  • New appointment message - Set up automatic new appointment notifications to clients whenever a new appointment is booked. These will confirm the booking and related appointment details, including: 
    • Date
    • Time
    • Address
    • Directions
    • Service & service price (the price can be hidden if you choose)
    • Cancellation policy details
    • A link is also provided for the client to manage the booking by rescheduling or cancelling if needed.
  • Rescheduled appointment message - If the start time of the appointment has changed, these notifications inform the client that their appointment has been rescheduled, providing a summary of the updated appointment details.
  • Cancelled appointment message - When an appointment has been cancelled by you or the client, this notification will be sent to confirm the cancellation and provide clients with a summary of the cancelled appointment information.
  • Did not show up message - If a client has been marked as a no-show, these notifications will let the client know that they didn’t attend their appointment.
  • Thank you for visiting - Once an appointment has been completed and checked out, this notification is sent to the client thanking them for visiting your business and will prompt them to review and rate your service. They can also leave a tip and will be provided with a copy of the sales invoice. In the email version of this automated message, your clients will receive any aftercare information you specify in the service menu.
  • Thank you for tipping - If the client chooses to leave a tip after their appointment has been completed, this notification will be sent automatically to thank them for doing so.

Increase bookings

Increase bookings by giving your clients a friendly nudge to rebook:

  • Reminder to rebook - This notification will remind clients to rebook after their last appointment. The reminder timescale can be customised for each service you provide, allowing some reminders to be sent sooner than others. Learn more about how to set up automated reminder to rebook notifications.

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